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be careful when you step in side my castle of glass. 
watch your step you never know what you will find. 
the demons lurkers in the corners. 
be careful when you step inside my castle of glass, watch
your step my castle of glass it is fragile . 

disapproval by most, looked down by most.
the cast still stand. it have seen battle. 

made of glass the castle of mine. it have seen battle where
they tried to tor it down but fail.

true years of fight and battles it have gotten fragile.

but it stand tall and pride and welcome those who sike
redemption.  in the castle of mine we judge no one. 

we welcome all we accept all. 

but don't let the skeleton in the castle of mine get out of
the closet. 
you may not like what you find. 

This castle of mine is made of glass, it has its flaws and
It will stand tall, through war and pain and strife

whatever gets thrown at it; it doesn't matter
Though cracked and flawed, this castle of mine will not

Though most days it's caught in the middle of a storm, today
it stands tall under the sun 

The sun may shine today, but a new storm is on its way. 
Posted: 2017-06-12 18:34:06 UTC

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