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You know that disorder, the one called depression?
Where every emotion is hindered by blank expressions?
You tell them it's fine, they're beautiful, it's okay
But they still don't know how to get through the day
You always tell them exactly what you mean
That to you, at least, they're not some plain human being
But they can't hear you, not their fault, it's not pride
You know this is true...but you're dying inside
You scream and you shout, not knowing what to do
Then you sit up and wonder, is this what they go through?
Is this depression?
No, this is concern for a friend
And a fear for their end
As you hope thy don't fade away into the night
Knowing you can't do anything to chase off their fright
And their pain is constant, it just doesn't stop
But if they give up the fight, your heart will just pop
Then you ask if it's selfish, for you to want them to stay
To keep them on earth, make them fight day by day
Tears flow through the night, and you fear morning's light
Terrified by the call, saying that they gave up the fight
You finally wake up, and your eyes search for the phone
For any indication to know they're not gone
There's a message there and you laugh like a fool
It's them saying "get up or you'll be late for school."
You meet up and cheer inside, but you notice that dull in
their eye
That says deep within they still want to die
You realize, through the cracks in your heart you've got to
push out the pain
Throw out the negative, fill it with the hope that you gain
Take them by hand and put fun in their days
And hope evermore that their mind can still change
Show them each day that they matter to you
And never forget what one friend can do
Posted: 2022-01-25 01:55:39 UTC

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