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May the pain leave us 
 not too weary, 
May the clouds disappear if we're 
 unable to see clearly.
May the sun not dry up 
 our garden, 
May the river always run, never 
 dry or harden.
May the sand stay soft 
 under our feet, 
May we always have gratitude 
 for every person we meet.
May the brightness of tomorrow 
 be the highest of our glory,
May we have the time to listen to our 
 grandparents as they tell us their story.
May we listen to the wise,
May we always see the 
 truth behind the lies,
May we walk in the path
 of Jesus Christ,
May we end our prayers with 
 Amen every night.
May the darkness of our days
 find grace in the light,
And May we always ask for your hand Lord 
 to guide us when things aren't right.
Posted: 2017-05-22 23:31:01 UTC

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