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If I confess what I have; 
On the tip of my tongue.
Which has been dancing alone for years. 
Will it shock, will you understand? 

The Mind is too loud, all I truly wish for is peace. 
I demand another soul to exit with me, for keepsake.
Debt paid by the world.
A hole that they cannot be mended.

As I, their victim.
Become their best friend. 
Lead me to the end, where I so beg to be.

Lay me down, next to the real enemy. 
Time has come at last.
To settle the score. 

On which that day, the angels cry no more. 
No bird will sing as he is gone.
No word from him. 
Just a faint smerk.

No more suffering for the fairy.
Who lost its way.
The right path that was never laid. 

A whisper of truth, 
Was mistaken for a lie. 
When all he wanted was a kiss goodbye. 

A river is a dream, 
The ocean a nightmare.
When rain falls on concrete. 
You’ll be forgotten.
Posted: 2018-04-29 22:14:35 UTC

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