Moses , by Antwan Brown Subscribe to rss feed for Antwan Brown

Put me in a basket so I can escape persecution of society 
I would name my so Moses cause a sense of irony 
Slaves of dominion for money,power,and respect 
Idolizing a man whom I've never even have met
Society oppression beats us and keep us down 
Pharaoh back for revenge he's moving all over town 
Holding on to us strong refusing to let us go 
No one to lead us from these lands, no one is willing to go
So put me in a basket and I'll lead this impossible mission

I'll lend a helping hand to anybody who'll listen 
Not a soul should be forgotten I'm taking all the I can
Together we can make it to see the promised land 
Posted: 2017-02-08 09:33:26 UTC

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