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The feeling of being on top
Wanting it to never stop
The feeling of being manic
Then the feeling of panic

Feeling oh so great
At any minute you might just break
Wondering why you don't need sleep
But confused on how you got so deep

Feeling so great for weeks
Then you just can't sleep
Seeing things that aren't there
They start to really become a fear

It's like trying to steer 
But only with what you hear
Sometimes you see it
You really want to believe it

It all starts crashing 
And you start lashing
Feeling the paranoia 
It brings you that special euphoria

Mania starts to lesson
Fall into deep depression
You want to see light
But all you see is night

I ask myself is this right?
But I'd rather just fight
Only to see the light?
Or just to finally see another night

Darkness sets in
Spiral into a spin
It's like when will I finally win?
Or when will it finally end..

Posted: 2016-12-27 18:16:27 UTC

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