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Posted: 2016-11-27 10:54:24 UTC
There is no words to describe beauty.
God of Holy plan of life.
Jesus conqured all sins by the cross.
The missing bone of Adam,
o how Eve define by God to fill the emptiness of creation.
Super hero been concieve by the minds of consider greed.
The Gen pool is gaurded by the Holy bible of true miracles.
The world you live in is a void where my world exist.
To know each other i find only the blood of Jesus in time.
Yet the blood is knowing,
but the end of the world is not..
Where God forfiet the forbidden fruit..
and the tree of life is set by His logical art.
no AI can perform the same..
no men can sacrifice His forsaken of eternity..
no beauty can aims the high of His sit..
o beauty in words can not be describe..
lest death hide and disobey.
satan in hell decieve the hearts of men.
If you see the beauty of this road..
Let not a stain of your sin shed with flesh.
The dreams of heavens may you be pursued.
And the mares of nights warn you to its death.
With my best regard,
beauty remains in the memories..
Even if its the street single light at night,
i do hope you enjoy this.

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