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Sometimes I stare and you and wonder why
Because you're the person I want to see, you're the apple of
my eye
When u say "see u in 2 hours" sometimes i wanna cry
And my dream is that one day we will only have to say good
night instead of goodbye.

I love you more than Indians love curry,
I like that we're taking this slow, no hurry
My love for you is like a wurlwind or a flurry
And your love makes me feel warm, its as if I'm furry.

I may not get to see u as much as I would like
I may not get to hold u through the night.

In my heart i truly know
That u are the one I love and I could never let u go.

I guess what I'm trying to say is... We might be apart 
By no matter what u will always be in my heart.
Posted: 2016-10-27 08:35:47 UTC

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