FOR YOU SIMPLY BECAUSE..., by M. Allan Thompson Subscribe to rss feed for M. Allan Thompson

Christmas comes but once a year
Yet can we not at other times express great cheer?
Say I, with a rousing “Yes,” without hesitation
So as not to ignore or shun!
Sometimes life isn’t fair or our path clear
Many times we fail those most dear
So not to ignore those we love most
We need to open our heart and host
Our Love, our Spirit, our Hope to lift
The one most precious with a meaningful gift!
No, it’s not Christmas, or a remembered birthday
And I need not for my faults (though many) pay
Instead I gladly give to you
In recognition of all you’ve been through
As I marvel at your courage shown
And celebrate my love, a gift for you alone!
Posted: 2016-10-21 14:46:49 UTC

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