The bottom line, by George Chow Subscribe to rss feed for George Chow
Posted: 2016-06-20 02:26:31 UTC
There is a bottom line of pride,
either kill or be killed.
In the nights of face the end.
I can only think of God,
they kill no more by God mercy and creation.
And those were kind enough for to be killed,
they have the higher ability to be free by God.
There is a bottom line of worldly end,
to die or walk with God.
In the days of face the end,
i can only thanks thy for words are eternal.
To close my eyes rest my case for hopes.
Or if im not tired,
I may as well wait for Jesus to send me home.
There is a bottom line to answer love.
Either believe in God or have their own way.
I can only say I am not worry.
The faith in God i am blessed.
Others within self,
I know you are going for the best to give a meaning of life.
Then the resurrection or teleporting can be at ease,
as the final we long to study..

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