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A dream
For the one you wish to charish
But never will encounter
Such a beauty again
Only once you have
Met such an amazing girl
She brought you smiles on a daily basis
Bringing you happiness
But then torn from you
From your distant parts
You both loved
And wish for another
To meet and be with her forever
A dreading wish to come forth
But until then
Thoughts of death
Come forth
Loosing hope
Of never seeing
A girl like her again
Gaining emotions for many
But not as strong as before
Which you want to happen
But never will
From individuals doubts
You will suffer
This pain shall devour you
Throw you into a void of despair
A dark hole
Of loneliness
Prepare for that night
Of death
Which you lose patience for
But enjoy what you have left
For which none brings
You happiness
But sadness
Be excluded from the world
wonder and ponder your decission
Which it maybe your last......
Posted: 2016-06-05 08:07:57 UTC

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