A Void Of Negativity , by GHOSTCREEPER Subscribe to rss feed for GHOSTCREEPER
Posted: 2016-06-05 08:07:01 UTC
My life so far
Filled with pain
From depression
By the cause of heart break
By the loss of hope
Options spread thin
Coming to a close
To the thought of
Self inflictions
Even a nightmare
By drowning
I can't constrain these emotions
Love was what cherished most
But it's too much
I'm loosing myself
Day by day
Through thoughts
Of being alone
My Emotions of love
Can't be restraint
My heart aches
Wishes to beat harder
And faster
But diminishes
With out remorse
I only wish for someone
To love me
Truly for who I've been
For so long
Without wants
Or needs
Only my affection and devotion
To you
But it will never be
Not soon enough
Will I regain
Or control myself
I may
Or never
Pull the trigger
For my own
This feeling with flourish
Deep in me as anger
I will
Not simply
Leave you all
With out leaving someone behind
I only wish for someone to love for ME
Not what I own
Tis my wish on my soul
Sold to death
As collateral
My final right as human
My last words
To you
For bringing me back
I love you

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