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Posted: 2016-04-03 09:21:08 UTC
Yes, i remember eternity..
The forever of cool comfort sense.
With warm clean covers my body.
There were no threaten of knowledge.
Black hole and darkness for me to empower myself out.
For a chance to meet God..
and for that first time of that once,
was enough for me to surrender life.
To join the crowd for an order.
To be in the market for God's gift.
And the final is to know Jesus..
the bible for those who would follow to the end.
End of the temptations for a better flesh.
End of the sins for a better heart.
Love is always there to ask for.
Hope is always there to mind God.
And the still to be good.
Weather as regrets or miss fortune.
Jesus is for us all to learn and be with.
Then the reason of reasons,
will be much simple,
just to know life, how God molds us.
as well to gain some knowledge of the cross.

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