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One day 
She met a boy.
A boy who told her she was beautiful.
No one had ever called her beautiful before;
This had to be “the one”.
One day
She caught herself thinking about this boy all day and all
She couldn’t quite figure him out.
But, then again, no one could really figure her out either.
One day, 
She found herself in bed with this boy;
She wasn’t expecting anything more than a sleepover and
maybe a kiss.
But then he touched her.
One day
This boy touched her;
She knew it felt wrong but she ignored her conscious like
she always does.
One day
This boy used her but she didn’t even know that she was
being used
Until she realized it.
One day
This boy raped her but she didn’t even know it. 
She thought it was love because at the time she believed
love actually existed.
She didn’t feel the pain until she saw his true colors,
Until he laughed at her fear like it was some sad joke,
Until he ignored the word “no” as if her voice was
really silence.
Until she told him to leave her alone but,
He hit her.
He hit her and she still came running back.
Day after day she went back to this man because all she ever
wanted was for someone to love her
And he did. 
At least she thought he did. 
That was not love. 
One day
She swore that she would never tell a soul;
She was tired of playing the victim.
One day
She decided that it was her fault
So she took the anger out on herself.
One day
She learned how to hide the scars on her arms so well that
those around her never doubted she was happy.
She isn’t happy.
All she’s ever wanted was for someone to look at her and
notice how unhappy she really is.
But now
She’s too used to being invisible and she will always be
Posted: 2016-03-30 02:43:08 UTC

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