A Joke (I Think!), by Phillip Wilson Subscribe to rss feed for Phillip Wilson
Posted: 2015-12-04 21:26:50 UTC
: An Army general, an Air Force general, and a Navy admiral were sitting around a table socializing one day. The three began to argue about which of the services had the most “balls.” The Army general took the other two to the army base. “Stand in front of that rolling tank!” said the general. “Yes sir!” said the private. The private was of course run over and killed. The Air Force general stated “That’s nothing! Come with me!” He took his drinking buddies up in a plane full of airmen on a training flight. “Jump without a parachute, airman!” The airman did. “That take ‘balls’!” declared the air force general. “Let me show you real ‘balls’!”, replied the navy admiral. The three went to the shipyard. Up high in the mast was a seaman. “Jump!” yelled the admiral to the seaman. “Fuck you, Admiral!” yelled back the seaman. “Now that takes ‘balls’!” said the Admiral to the generals.

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