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Kids like us just want to belong.
They push us out and ignore us. 
As if they've forgotten that our words are trapped inside of
a building that has burnt down not by flames but by our pain
and our struggle.
Kids like us can't speak.
We try but our voices are not nearly strong enough to break
through the kids like them that surround us. 
Kids like them will never understand kids like us. 
Kids like us are different.
Our extravagant minds are too much for kids like them to
ever understand. 
They tear us down.
They don't want us to feel strong.
Kids like us just want a place in this world. 
Kids like us, we search for a place of belonging and
acceptance, even if that place is on our backs while we
allow kids like them to use our bodies. Even if it means
making ourselves believe that they love us, when in reality
they're only using us for their own pleasure.
But at least we feel loved.
We search until we're forced to realize that kids like us
don't have a place.
Kid's like us don't belong.
Kid's like us will never be heard.
Kids like us will never be understood.
Kids like us are different, in the worst way.
Kids like us, we allow our minds to strangle us until our
last breath of hope floats away from us, waving goodbye to
us as we sink into a deep death. 
At least we're free.
Kids like us just want to be free. 
Death is the most beautiful trap when your a kid like us.
The kids like us, well, we're the sad ones. 

Posted: 2015-07-21 06:25:22 UTC

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