Falling Apart, by Vashtiana Subscribe to rss feed for Vashtiana

  The tears keep building up
And the words keep throwing me down
But I keep pushing myself to move on
And I push myself off the ground
I wipe away my tears
And finally fight for what's mine

I'm trying very hard for what's mine
I am trying to keep myself up
I can cry many of tears
I'm putting my for down
And ill try holding my problems to the ground
And i will carry these problems on

This world gets harder the farther on
In life is very unexpected like mine
Sometimes it throws you hard to the ground
But i try to pick myself up
Don't let your problems hold you down
Quit crying please no more tears

Hey I still see your strained cheeks from them tears
Wipe them away no time to worry on
Don't keep holding your head down
I cant keep mine
All I ever see now is the ground

I'm falling to the ground
I'm crying the same exact tears
My problems are coming back up
I cant carry on
I'm losing what's mine
My problems  are going up and not down

I need them to go back down
I need to be off this cold hard ground
I need what's mine
I dont want these stupid tears
I want to be able to move on
I want myself up

I cant get myself up
I'll just get use to being down
I'll just never move on
I'll live on this cold hard ground
I've been fighting with tears
And lost what was truly mine 
Posted: 2015-07-08 05:12:59 UTC

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