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Posted: 2015-06-29 03:11:18 UTC
The gather is a wanting.
A game of choice of topics.
Elders speaking of the long of survivel
Leave the pressure to young one urge to grow.
From the bible now i know God know it all too well.
He let His flesh Son die on the cross.
He as well be part of those who kills.
Thoughs He Knows our thoughts towards not evil but thoughts of peace, and He gave you an expected end.
And a true conclusion is God created us, and kill us all.
Its a guess of 6000 more years of bible and talks.
As I wonder if there is any kindness.
Criminals go to institutes,
and the church is the house of repentance.
And satan is just God's sneeze, when the season of BBQ.
So the gather of elders can still speak of survivled.
The young can just enjoy the time.
Then i would speak up.
It's either all God, or nothing, in which satan dont believes.

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