Fortune telling my self, by George Chow Subscribe to rss feed for George Chow
Posted: 2015-06-29 02:19:35 UTC
My past, my present, my future, and conclusion.
My baby hood's older sister's smile.
I suppose to be happy as they all married well.
And those past dreams make my present must be awake for the tell.
I dont want to circle around in a cursed love.
Because love is God's cross if We see sometimes.
which never meant to need the cure of doubt and fear.
But believe our creator will never let us alone even when we feel lonely.
And so my shed my last tear of a romance tale as if she loves another thousand years.
I would pay to God another effort of well knowing the questions.
And my present is i remember I once stood and learn to sit still and lay on bed like forever with what You gave me.
Then my future is the white bread you bake out early for the blessing of white leaders, prophacy, and forsees.
As how each time I have the chance to bow down to Jesus.
Then fast the late bread of black and perfect bread of asia.
For Your words i can love.
And the conclusion is if this words remains. as if i miss her tenderness look.
The art belong to Your righteous hand.
I would like to smile a bit.

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