Ghost Ghoul Story, by George Chow Subscribe to rss feed for George Chow
Posted: 2015-05-21 02:28:36 UTC
Once upon a time, there was a kingdom conquer by the King Goul. Who falls into the possession of poetry instead seeking acquaintance of the Bible publishing. His people challenge the words of God in poetry, but there is no one seems able to find God's promises true in the miracles of eternity. Untill one night, the Kingdom did not last. The King Goul was totally occupied by the Ghost Ghoul. The snake dragons and beasts came out of the dark cave take over the castle. The demons and evil put spells in creatures of the town and city. Big worm came out to poison, plants trap the flesh and demolish it. All people are died as zombies. But there is one hope, the one who kept his Bible and also his believe of poetry with his name is Arthur. He went to the cemetery yard. On time, he dig out the tombs and graves of the buried decent of the mothers and fathers heritage. Then he equip the armors on for to save princess Ivy who also held the hope of the book Bible. To break the curse of the Ghost Ghoul cast on the kingdom about "Love is the law of words in poems." Knight Arthur kept his faith in believe in Me, you will live forever from the Bible. From the town to city, to hill, to dungeons, to the castle. To defeat the King Goul and save the princess Ivy for true love can be true. Many times his armor sheddered. His bones left on the fields. But he was able to be resurrected in time with his faith of the Bible in Jesus name and his love of his poetry words. And in one day, he saved princess Ivy by exorcist the King Goul. The Kingdom was blessed to normal and peace again..King Goul rest his case for King Arthur saved his daughter Princess Ivy. And the people believe in Jesus and the bible scripts for decades come with the hope of Jesus coming.

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