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Posted: 2015-05-13 01:59:16 UTC
My poems are from the help of God Who knows me well.
I am only a devil without Holy spirit's explanation of excuse my words.
I want to tell the life of the daughter playing with her dolls.
I want to tell the life of the son how they make their dream true to be a hero.
And the changes of growing up is suppose to count on God's words.
I have to force myself read bible everyday.
In case of the people judge me mental ill.
I am just a mad man when i feel alone.
But He tells me "Live well", "she as well".
Sometimes I fear I do not have much to say.
And I fear I do not say the right words.
The skills of my fortune telling should be in whisper and gone.
I guess only repeats the Bible is the only way to tell love fear our lord.
Then I am my poems will be just to tell a life.

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