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Posted: 2015-03-24 06:25:12 UTC
Days go by..
Like doodle around the corner.
Sometime in the middle make appointment.
To find me is to remember you.
Long before we were obsessed.
Interwind to create live and death.
They are free now..
For us to taste the bittersweet reality and dreams.
As long as we do not over creed our faith.
And the nails from bones to the flesh is in shape.
Life we find certain big to make our word heard.
Who would stop when love exceed our limits.
Be though God's desire.
To open the door of ethereal.
Takes the key of live and death.
Bearing and traveling in time.
Some say a field trip.
Some say a change of wise.
Some say a forgotten mystery..
maybe some..
The teachers and professors urges to go meet the slots.
They say you win you find God.
And if the cross is too heavy.
You got another coin of trust.
Days go by..

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