My Love, by George Chow Subscribe to rss feed for George Chow
Posted: 2014-12-12 02:05:37 UTC
She knows me the day,
I cried and refused for the school.
To be defined by competition,
and lost the heritage of a mother's gift and father's words.
To my bad teeth fall off,
past the pain of her hate on my forgotten name of how love chosen by God instead remember her friends.
They all grow anew and sharp,
as how i played my toys to fore tell the world,
a life of saving life of her love came from lonely might instead sacrifice.
Since the innocence I compose truth without the lie of temptation from her cursed smile.
How years past and gone with new toys for her hard bone task.
I urge to be out of this puppet body.
To give my word to my love.
Its the life of tree i grow love.
Not the flesh i bear love.
Such how i pleased my love.

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