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Posted: 2014-11-25 22:24:01 UTC
If we all trust each other, there are no doubts of each other, for there are no pride or depress in us , we are all equal the same in which means we do not love the world, then God dwells among us for us to love God and each other..
Love can be a sin other then God's love is hurt by obsess. But God is all and created Jesus for a God's love is hurt. And we all are God's Son and daughters for we are created unique by our life style given by God. Yet we are the same by loving God. And Jesus is in God's hand.
Jesus is true about the end of the world that parent hood left their children in mourns to heaven. Freedom is what God given to those obey in the divine send by God. In which its grace of repentance and peace of mind that God pour his spirits on all. We all live forever by love of trust each other instead of cling. Our home land security is to safe live in case of accident from sins.

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