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She gives him her all
And he knows it

She loves him to death
And he knows it

She thinks he's perfection
He loves it

He gets her to a place where he can look into her face
tell her he loves her 
And he knows

He knows she'll believe him 'cause she's pure

He knows that she's pure
And he takes her

Takes her without asking questions, without any sympathy

How scared she must have been to know
She was trapped

She gave him her heart
And he took it

And after he took it he tore it apart until all that was
left was this black, dark hole

She turned bitter

never again would she trust a man 

Any man because

But what she didn't know was
This wasn't a man

A boy

A boy who was pleased with making girls feel at ease and
then leaving them hopeless and blind to the fact that she
really doesn't need him

She really doesn't need anyone

Posted: 2014-10-16 05:55:21 UTC

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