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Misundetstood since nineteen-ninety-nine Man,i wonder why,i
crashed into this world for the better of the days NOT the
worst March 18th 1999 the day i crashed here on this planet
called earth, Thats my birth, Im destined to be something in
life My voice is to be heard by everyone from ear to ear I
may seek success through the hard and ruff times through my
life, Out of all the struggles i have had this day maybe NOT
this day,Maybe one day its going to be my time to shine,From
my birthdate to my present day Its my destiny,Its my true
life To retaliate Me,To become someone,To become
Whether its through my business,me giving back,or Hopefully
my F.A.M.E No matter what i do i know i will always have God
by my side,sticking with me through the way
Its ME,
Delphanae Alise Griffin
Misunderstood since nineteen-ninety-nine
But,Legend will be the NAME at the end of the day
I will be recognized as A Legend,A Originator at the most i
will be ME,From my birthdate 2 My present day, And thats MY
Posted: 2014-10-11 00:53:00 UTC

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