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Posted: 2014-10-07 03:51:38 UTC
There are people who was found.
Goodbye is the least thing they know of.
They are on the top of mind build loves.

There are people who owns their soul.
Sacrifice is what they made for a destiny real.
They mind content and a satisfied life.

There are people who have a heart.
Laws meant Art, and Words meant pity.
They judge you to be in mind or not.

There are people who deserve a body.
Good belief are they lead to times of difference.
They know how to be Good mind.

There are people who lost.
Weapon is what they sanctified the relates.
They can be sensed by the mind out of tricks and pains.

There are people who takes.
Life is a profound find to find you.
They fish out of kinds for a pride to turn death.

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