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Posted: 2014-08-07 00:37:31 UTC
In this mess wave of time crowd,
sometimes is hard to have the appetite,
to have a meal on time.
But we learn to eat something,
to keep our lives to survive in this world.
Maybe its hard to imagine what God gives in the end.
But I like to let all know the words of hope in me.
Is always a calm heart attitude to face others opinions.
Lusts is the never I am expecting.
Yet the comfort of the four seasons.
Summer there is the bright white cooling Sun shine.
Autum there is the whispers of wind from North and West.
Winter there is sometimes the grey sky and the white snow.
Spring there is the nature and mist sense of the all.
Maybe its hard to imagine how God clean up the atmosphere.
But i like to describe when God show himself with his love.
We may be satisfied to have it all.
At last do have hope to live to the last judgement.
To love God for the bless to loved ones.
Or the Angels of partnership that sake eternity.

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