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Posted: 2014-08-02 11:58:12 UTC
In tender,
Father or Mother ask: Do you want to grow up?
Kids may answer: Yes, I want to grow up can do anything like you.

Father or Mother answer: I wake up each morning thanks God. I may do a bath before you do. I find foods in the morning for daily routine. There must be God's promise to meet for our breakfast at home. And we do the trash, do the clean. And you may sit watch Jesus' TV. I may do emails computing for the day like you do pray and know from TV. We may decide to go out for lunch or stay at home do our lunch. Depend on God we go shopping by the covenant made with Jesus send Angels. Or we stay at home keep safe and well. The dinner we eat at dawn. Then another bath before bed. Mostly we do the same.

Kids may ask: What did you do last night?
Father may answer: I went to meet Mother, just say hi.
Mother may answer: I wait to meet Father, just say ok.

Kids may ask: Thats it?
Father or Mother answer: You are God's gift.

Kids may know to love God to family.

The above just a thought about family life after judgement. The Kids can stay young. The parents and the kids can respect each other without wanting to become an unknown.
Though the world is about forseeing. We may just love God with all our heart and might.

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