7th Earth, by George Chow Subscribe to rss feed for George Chow
Posted: 2014-07-12 06:16:19 UTC
The day and night is created the first day.
A world of contradiction and problem solves,
is where the first earth created;
There are the circumambulate tests to pass,
and the world of Holy is on this earth.

The second day the sky and water is separate.
A world of love and peace,
is where the second earth created;
There are the romance atmosphere and the lust temptation,
to be judged by the divine of truth.

The third day the land appear call Earth.
A world of united and divided,
is where the third earth created;
There are sinners and innocence of repentance,
to be settle in the world value process system.

The fourth day the Sun, Moon and Stars is created.
A world of life and tales possess,
is where the fourth earth created;
There are souls, spirits, ghosts and the flesh conjoin,
to form a reality and dream casts.

The fifth day the fish and birds and creatures created.
A world of system is guarded,
is where the fifth earth created;
There the authority and the nominees and the suited,
to bring truth to the supreme justice.

The sixth day the Human and domestic is created,
A world of eternal and death,
is where the sixth earth created;
There are the God's home,
and heaven and hell is at the horizon to see.

The seventh day the rest of the Holy created,
A world of miracle and bless is there,
is where the seventh earth created;
There are hopes and rests,
for longer time to stay in all will and wells.

Its mainly a world of holy spirit and a world of self,
waiting to be united over time to times.
So there are the holy spirit world, the self world, and the unite world to dwell in each day in the 7th earth.
And only your holy spirit will give to the people you relatively happen.

It is mainly a world of holy God, holy Jesus, and holy self,
Waiting to be united with self over time to times.
Holy God judge, Holy Jesus forgives, and Holy self with chances.
To dwell in your bodies.
And only the holy spirits will give to the people you relatively happen.

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