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Posted: 2014-07-10 06:47:12 UTC
I am searching for a meaning in the dreams i have.
To make my dreams into words is a gift of lasts.
I know it should not be interesting left me not content.
Yet these dreams of messages I look forward to keep.
In a means of timeless being I can repeat in eternity.

I am searching for a moment of true telling.
The mystery of sins and righteous reasons coax,
do not make life to live instead fears and death.
Its the recognition I long to know and hear.
And the heaven's light I adore the possible ever last.

I am searching for a love to give.
To give her the blessings God gave to me.
How I was alone think about to satisfied her life.
And how I was to find myself in free mind of two join.
Then find peace with each time our glare sights.

I am searching for places contain supreme protections.
The spot I can sit for live affinities.
To see the mother nature molds life.
That outside takes time,
and stay is always safe.

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