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Love in a fragile heart,
Both a blessing and a curse.
You wait inside everyone,
and break loose like a river at any given moment.
Love you've gifted me,
and you've taken so much away.
You are a blanket of warmth,
and a dagger of painful rejection,
Love with your intentions so diverse,
You stand at my shoulder ready.
Ready to engulf me in peace,
Or drown me in torment.
You are a risky game,
At which not many people truly succeed.
so love I ask you just one question,
May I have this dance?
Posted: 2005-06-27 03:18:27 UTC

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2005-06-27 01:44:38Cutebunnywithfangz
This poem is true about love. It is the biggest risk to take in the world. I will love to hear more by you.

2005-06-27 01:54:29HellFire
Hey it's the author posting! If anyone would like to contact me concerning my poem, here is my email address. [email protected]

2005-06-27 19:17:55Crimson.Wings
This is a sweet poem and I like it. Good job! :)

2005-06-30 20:39:32wishing_on_stars
That's so beautiful!

2005-07-07 03:11:59 ~~~~GLOSTARG~~~~
so much like a country song, much more like truth! this poem is fantsatique!simply great!

2005-07-08 05:55:28Lost~N~lonely
Great Imagery, i love the dagger part it remindes me of shakesphere days. Great write!

2005-07-10 23:19:05Heart of Poetry
It is really good I give you a 8