Peace of the night, by George Chow Subscribe to rss feed for George Chow
Posted: 2014-05-30 06:55:46 UTC
Cleaning and Solving problems during the day.
Paying the expect to guests while awake.
Or just meet and smile for the reasons of life.
Then the dawn reminds of a good dinner to welcome dark.

Into the night is about comfort and trust.
Peace of the night remain no works and rest.
The dolling sound of music may accompany on bed.
Then we all like dolls understand to be God's goodness.

The dreams are wonders of meanings and creativety.
Only hope not to cross with illusions or insomnia.
But what the heck when God like to refrain from the end.
The judgement on bed is to stay repentence the best.

After all peace of the night is needed.
Peace of the night is prepared.
Peace of the night is ready.
For the new tomorrow begins eternity.

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