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Posted: 2014-05-21 02:09:52 UTC
Wake up around 5 is the most to treasure.
I would humble to God for the day begins.
A shower with ready breakfast i go online.
Play those dream cast browser games i have.
Or watch the stock market and the currencey flow.
Just try to earn some from my luck.
And have some clean chat about the same.
Lunch is going out for a sit offers to me.
Then i would shop or bookstore for home.
Afternoon work online for a psychietric center.
Or maybe cook delites for dinner.
Play some solitair games to write.
Watch some TV or DVD till night.
Then dinner with lites.
Another quick shower for bed time.
Lonely is mostly for me to be with Jesus.
Prayer of true love is fine.
And wonder our love is God first.
Maybe some random music from MP3.
Hopefully go into the ethereal instead mares after 9 pm.
Wake up hopefully another 5 again.
A day by day beg for eternity..

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