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     I think the overall message presented in David
Crowley’s photo is to promote peace between the United
States and the Soviet Union, suggesting his opinion that the
Cold War should be put to an end. The two figures in this
photo are identical, suggesting that the United States and
the Soviet Union are not completely different after all.
Even though both sides had different ideas, David Crowley
suggests with his photo that, with enough effort and
reasoning, both parties would be able to come upon a
conclusion that would put an end to all the conflict. By
creating the two figures as both being superheroes in his
photo, David Crowley suggests an idea that both the United
States and the Soviet Union have some strong ideas and that
there really is no need for this competition by propaganda
because both sides are equally heroic. 
Posted: 2014-05-08 02:12:46 UTC

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