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Posted: 2005-06-24 12:34:13 UTC
We were the best of friends,
We grew together, we laughed together,
I knew our friendship would last forever,
But I had a secret, I did not tell,
You supported me when my life had a fell,
But I grew to love you, and when you smiled I wanted to melt,
You made me feel something I have never felt,
And when I looked into those eyes,
I felt bad, cause I was full of lies,
But my love kept growing,
Us being together made more sense then a river flowing,
But you didn’t take any notice , we were just friends,
Something I never wanted it to end,
But in my eyes, I saw much more,
But my heart felt like it was torn,
And I still remember those days,
I remember when I had that phase,
And we have grown together, still are friends,
Like I said I didn’t want to end.

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2005-06-26 10:34:06soul_sista
dis bout patrik? :-) keep up da good works marls. ~~~ kate ~~~

2005-07-01 12:22:04PoetryReconised
Yeah it is! lol

2005-07-27 09:22:03soul_sista
hey good poem .... deep.... lol x kate x

2005-09-26 08:33:43soul_sista
omg wen we look back on dis poem bout pat its like weird lol x kate x