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Shallowness tails behind
Her unsteady mind 
She’s so unaware of her loose fitting ways,
Her frequent mishappenings,
Of her misleading character.
She knows no destination 
For her actions lead her nowhere.
But in a circumference of unhappiness
The transparent world that she has 
Recently entered leaves her unaware 
Of her surroundings 
And as her new domain focuses on 
Retrieving the energy she posses, 
She becomes zone-bound, 
A prisoner of no escape.
She must see love 
 For only its trueness has the power
To re-grasp a part of her inner self
But her eyes must open for her to witness such 
And as long as she depends upon it’s
Advanced unfriendliness 
She will forever be trapped inside the depths within.

Posted: 2013-10-30 16:25:35 UTC

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