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If I were to tell you
that I'm meant to die today
That if you had things to tell me
now would be the time to say
What would we discuss,
what words would you have picked?
Would you tell me your true feelings,
that all along you've had me tricked?
Maybe that you hated me
and you'd hoped it would come to this
Maybe that you loved me
and you'd wish for just one kiss

If I were to die today
what then would we do?
If this would be the last day
I'd ever get to spend with you
What would you have us do
if you were my greatest friend?
What memories would we make
if this truly was my end?
What if you were
my most hated enemy?
What cruel, unkind things
would you have done to me?

If I were to die today
what then would I do? 
I'd bear all my feelings
and admit to every truth
I'd pay off all my debts
down to the last dime
Hold the girl who loves me
if only for this one time
Hang out with my friends,
then on he brink of death
Tell my family that I love them
with my very last breath
Posted: 2013-10-19 16:46:53 UTC

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