The Mall, by George Chow Subscribe to rss feed for George Chow
Posted: 2013-10-18 02:34:44 UTC
With myself alone with a cup of coke,
I like to doodle in the mall.
The kids remind me of my childhood,
to combine me with a sense to the presence.
A father's gift is among all in one place thats yours.
I have search many with my eyes lum.
That im old enough to see the differences.
One terror can bring me to the steak house to see Zeus.
One cry can take me to be a father for another lesson.
And the laughter is flowing in the mall broadcast songs.
The air is as cool as the way i drink my coke.
All i see is how much memory is in my pocket.
With only those I pass by..
For the treasure is the gloom of those yet recieved.

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