I Remember, by George Chow Subscribe to rss feed for George Chow
Posted: 2013-09-19 23:17:17 UTC
I remember what i have found,
was a solid gift instead of a mimic reality by you God.
I remember how i look at you high,
and learning the no mercy of high divines.
I remember I leave you with a shallow dream,
do not speak of love until I am truely loved.
I remember how i was blasphemous by neighbors from truth,
and still a hard core curse happens everyday.
I remember her questions about eternity,
was i a lier, or I found her again.
I remember there are two difference of me,
one with a smile at home, one with dirts stare at you.
I remember i was just a person who go to your basketball court in favor,
the rest ever are meant to return to love.
I remember Jesus Christ recalls the cross,
telling me forgiveness is the only way to live a life.

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