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Posted: 2013-07-04 14:12:05 UTC
Have you seen the dead fly in the house.
How did it got in?
Have you smell the water odd.
How did the fish died?
Have you seen birds fighting for mates.
How did the forsee of life lost its purpose?
Have you seen dogs bark at man instead of the haunted night.
How did they become fall into power instead loyal to man?
Have you seen good people fall and stop believe in love.
How did the poison lust over the true meanings of love?
Take a look at myself..
From innocent to lost to found.
Hope, Faith, Wisdom, Justice, and Courage is just another war within.
The church of repentence closed all week day.
Only the Sunday is for those selfish testments,
speak from a mouthful of intellect.
Where is love when I urge you for a reply.
Watch the city of babylon.
Look around every where I have been.
I see the Angels working carry the water to God in use of holy water.
I see Hell of babies cry of discomfort do to lack of promises.
I see the world end with I am alone on the banch sit.
Just look around.
Are you dead?
Are you there.

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