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My minds telling me one thing so I jump in that direction
Constantly forgetting where I'm going where I'm headed
One part of me says keep going, the other turn back
With each step I make a decision, a decision that lasts 
One one side theirs jesus on the other theres me 
Constantly fighting over whom reigns supreme 
He's saying follow, listen; while I'm running away
I think I can ignore at least for one day
But one day turned to months, and months turned to years
As I look back on it now it almost brings me to tears
He was always there, even when I rejected 
Each night a prayed to him, then always neglected 
His ideas, his ways, they were ingrained in my mind
But I disobeyed each of them time after time
Someday I hope he forgives me for all that I've done
I hope he looks into my eyes and sees that I'm still his
All thats left now is to repent and change ways
It's been to damn long it all starts today
Posted: 2013-06-19 09:19:53 UTC

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2013-09-06 16:59:01KimKim
that is why he died

2013-09-21 12:17:19Jameela
I love this poem and it made me look at my own life. Thank you