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The lady in the picture stands out from the rest,
Is it possible, can it be true, is she the best? 
Her hair is long, her eyes like a golden dawn
Is my heart at last able to blow the lovers horn?

Are you my lady, the promise of my dreams
Or do i awake  shattered heart torn apart
My lady in the picture can you let me know
Are you the one? My bright shadow in the dark

 The fear has gone from my heart,
A golden light appears and hope grows within
The grey around my soul, the fog of fear dispersed
A sight of hope and love, the pain now reversed

Are you my lady, the promise of my dreams

Posted: 2013-06-15 20:36:51 UTC

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2013-08-03 05:41:52Natural_beauty_Ashe
Wow you are an amazing writer