Our hope for God , by George Chow Subscribe to rss feed for George Chow
Posted: 2013-05-30 11:25:06 UTC
Our hope is God.
Good pain good gain,
to gain more senses.

The first day before the dawn.
The candle light was made by God.
And the light is good.
We all answer "Good"
We see God.

In time..
God seperate light and dark.
The first day.
The light is day.

the sense of nouns we see,
the sense of words we hear,
the sense of kinds we smell,
the sense of foods we taste,
the sense of pain we get.

enough pain.

The pain can be an illusion of monster.
The dim is night.
God call first day Monday.
Our hope is Goods created by God,
for God send to you, after the night rest.

To you is the Tuesday the second day.
Only speak of the truth is relative to God's match.
Many become politicians;
Many beocme skillfull workers;
Many become religious expression.
The best of all for the truth,
In time the truth reveal by fate from the help of holy.
Parents are unafraid of death to be with God or close to God.
Singles are searching eternal life, immortality.
Children are destine to inherit by parent's good,
and dwell in creativety.
And especial the Tuesday, is to you my love by God send,
as long as we are following the truth, the holy ways,
we always find each other fullfill with love.
And all the truth send on Tuesday.
Where Wednesday is God's plan for all ready for Wed and see.
And Thuresday is the day we obey and Thanks.
And Friday is the day like the egg on the fri pan.
And Saturday is Saints and God sat down to watch over.
And Sunday is the rest for another Monday to begin.

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