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the tiny blade of grass
poking between teh heavy sheets
of concrete
the silver glow
of sky scrapers
don't hinder this little guy's
spirit to grow.

the busy office poeople
dont take time
to notice you there
they trod upon you
as they do on me.

i fell down
long ago
and yet nobody stops to help me up
so here i sit
and wtahc you grow.
you become my chia pet

between the gum
and teh garbage
the traffic and teh gossip
the rain
the sun
the city scum
you manage to pull a life
you manage to grow.
cuting thru the poavemetn
storng like a knife.

you are my hero
you aer so tuff
even tho yet
you are not evena tuft, jyst a blade.

new life begins
in the city's hell
sitting in the sidewalk middle
nobody yet notices i fell.

Posted: 2005-06-16 23:37:16 UTC

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