Cancer Scares Me More, by dovie lucas Subscribe to rss feed for dovie lucas
Posted: 2013-04-10 20:25:48 UTC
The thing in life that scares me the most is cancer,
It scares me more then the thought of being shot.
It scares me more then the thought of being robbed,
Even worse then breaking the law and being caught.

I don't know why it scares me so bad,
That's not the truth, because I kind of do.
It is because of the simple fact of leaving,
The thought of leaving my kids and husband, too.

To the of my boys with no mother,
To think of kerry with no wife.
I don't want coy or my mother to have them,
For kerry to raise them would invade on his life.

Those are the reasons why cancer scares me more,
I guess you could say my fear is for them, not me.
I am not scared of death itself, just cancer,
Caue I know I will go to heaven, now do you see.

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