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Posted: 2013-03-07 02:55:36 UTC
Some say the worldly class and laws are like furnace,
no freedom.
Some say the worldly class and laws are for staying,
its refugetive.
Are those grades meant for me to dwell in honor?
or just letters to play word puzzle with.
Where its the atmosphere make my heart beat the most?
or the works everyone performs with dignity moves me.
My friends, My classmates..
We were been competed with cold manners.
But what would be our hearts made of matter the most.
Where is the mechanic of our blood pressure from the heart.
What element made for your heart.
What is the love of your left atrium and the right.
There are always debates.
Which make the days not even.
Nothing will be right for you to live with or without class.
We all had it.
Now its your choice,
to make yourself as your own heart beats.
Other than a teacher or God feel the mud hearts dwelling.

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