The Great New Year Eve, by George Chow Subscribe to rss feed for George Chow
Posted: 2013-02-09 13:23:24 UTC
36 years past.
The hidden dragon likes to hide it all had happened.
But in the family's tone and nature's forseeing eyes.
With a shirt, my favorite green jaket, and grey sport pants.
The dragon I decided to go after the curious divine night.
The new year's eve dinner like the old times.
Like to continue the last year's ending hopes and wishes.
Grandpa's choice to sit who's next which Im this time.
Uncles joke the year past with hidden promises.
My father was classic told the hertage belong to the first.
Then the uncles tales even deeper before grandpa's words.
But grandpa insist me to speak of the sango truth.
That we are at war of the cunning, the fellow, and the one.
Which we all deserve to die for our one of the kind.
Then we all greed each other with our last cup of wine.
And the Aunts and mother's dry tears blur us all into light.
That the curse of the dragon's year past.
May the dinner night be an unforgetful desire.
Whence will the happiness last.
Where the death hunts generations sad.
But in grandpa's milky eyes.
And his firm words of a hard life.
As usual, i took the red envolope by greets the year ahead.
And long live the old, strong, weak, young and beauties.
Our heart will never end,
For our dream closer after each dark night ends.

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