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Daddy I hear you...I see you.
You are my hero and always will be.
I dance with you in my dreams.
Distance has no bounds or control.
I love you always and every night in my dreams.
Be strong and look around you.
There is still many who are your heart.
Breath in and out and look toward the sunshine.
Hold your shoulders strong and continue to be you.
You bring joy to all around you.
You are not forgotten .
Live through this moment.
Use your memories of us all to bring strength.
You will always be the center of my heart.
Don't give in to sadness.
You have taught me to rise above.
This is your journey of life.
I am and always will be your loving daughter.

Sansheart     12/27/12
Posted: 2018-02-16 15:11:48 UTC

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