Am I Nothing, by Auden Subscribe to rss feed for Auden
Posted: 2012-11-23 05:24:53 UTC
Does he mean it? Will he kill me?
Does he know what it's like to die inside?
What it's like to feel like an empty shell?
To feel like an imperfect soul.

Aren't souls supposed to be beautiful?
They aren't supposed to be cracked and dull,
They are supposed to be lively and shining, right?
Souls are supposed to be perfect and not me.

I'm supposed to be full, full of liveliness,
Full of perfection, full of confidence, and love.
Supposed to be full of life and love and perfection.
Not me, not my life, not my love, and not my soul.

To die inside is to never feel anything;
To die inside is to forget what it's like
To feel any emotions inside yourself,
To be unable to feel anything anymore.

Is he serious when he says he'll do it?
Will he kill me like he says he will?
Will I be like killing nothing to him?
If that's what it's like, am I nothing?

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2013-05-14 22:20:36stsorrowscribe
i can feel the sorrow and loneliness great job